The Great Eight: My Eight Favorite Event Photos


We reached 800 posts here on KicksOneTwo last week. That’s a lot of content. We’ve been working to ensure that there’s something new and fresh up every single day at 8AM for over two years, and we won’t be stopping any time soon. To all of you reading this: thank you so much. Your support is what drives us daily, and we promise we’ll keep the articles coming.

Pardon the gushing. We’re just very thankful. We write daily here…but we also take photos. You need pictures to go with your words when you’re covering an event, or nobody will be able to see what’s going on! Since we reached 800 posts, I figured it would be only right for me to dig through the KicksOneTwo vaults and grab my eight favorite event photos. There’s some from a few weeks ago (ITS Fest) and some from a few years ago (TCSAX III, the first event we ever covered). But they’re all here, in one place, each with a brief backstory, starting from the oldest picture and ending with the newest. Without further ado…let’s get right to the photos.



This one’s special to me because it’s the first event we ever covered. We met a lot of dope people, took our first real set of photos, and set the wheels in motion for everything that went down here the last two years. We’ve evolved and changed a lot since then, but it’s always important to remember where you started, and this picture brings it all back.


Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins at TCSAX V

TCSAX V was an event to remember. Target Center. Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine, both rookies at the time stopped by after practice to see what was going on. LaVine was so impressed with our good friend MPLS Customs‘s work that he even wound up getting a custom pair of Jordan XI’s done up later on.


MPLS Customs at TCSAX V

As you probably already guessed, TCSAX V was a big event for the homie MPLS Customs. He brought a table full of his best work to date, and LaVine’s reaction to his table was priceless. It’s always good to see your homies succeed, and this picture screams success.


Why Khaliq at TCSAX VII

We’ve been shooting our homie Why Khaliq’s TCSAX performances since TCSAX IV, but this is our favorite shot we’ve gotten of him to date. It’s been really dope to see his music evolve…and we have a feeling that next time we shoot him, it’ll be at a sold-out First Ave.


Two Girls Kissing at Piff Collection 002 Pre-Release Party

I’ve got to admit, I don’t know the names of either of these two ladies, but this picture is awesome. Just look at it. The upside-down American flag in the background adds a nice touch…and the image sums up the evening’s vibes perfectly.


Art At ITS Fest

ITS Fest was a great event to shoot. It took place in Gallery 13 (downtown Minneapolis), and all the art made for great backdrops. This “You Really Suck” piece was one of my favorites that I saw during the evening…and the middle finger jutting in from the left side adds a great touch.


Hand-Painted NSOD Shirt At ITS Fest

Our dude Gerald from NSOD Clothing is a wizard when it comes to hand-painted designs, and this denim shirt is no exception. The shirt, the art, and the shadow come together wonderfully to make a really damn cool image.


Crowd Jumping At ITS Fest

I’ve always greatly enjoyed capturing joyous moments, and this picture is one of those moments. Everyone’s cutting loose and having a great time, not caring about anything but the turn-up. You’ve gotta cherish those moments when they come along.


What’s your favorite event we’ve recapped? Were you at any of the events these photos are from? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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