A Salute To Tim Duncan


The best power forward to ever play the game of basketball retired yesterday.

Tim Duncan called it quits after 19 seasons (all with the San Antonio Spurs of course), 5 NBA Championships, 2 MVP’s, 3 Finals MVP’s, 15 All-Star selections, 10 All-NBA First Team selections, and a whole host of other honors.

In true Tim Duncan fashion, he announced his retirement quietly and without fanfare. He didn’t need to have a big, over-dramatic final season filled with sappy tributes and everyone waxing poetic about how great he was every time the Spurs were on TV. He didn’t need a farewell tour. He wanted to retire quietly, on his own terms, and he did just that.

For all of his 19 years in the NBA, Tim Duncan was the consummate professional. From a youngster teaming up with David Robinson, to forming a three-headed monster with Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker, to a wily veteran who still produced at a high level over a smaller amount of minutes, Duncan always did his thing in San Antonio, and is easily the most beloved player in Spurs history.

It’s crazy to think that in this era of social media, over-inflated egos, and self-marketing, the best power forward to ever play the game managed to fly somewhat under the radar, was never the “face” of the league, and never, ever, had any sort of negative press (apart from occasional articles on his poorly-fitting clothes … but that just added to his charm) or scandals whatsoever. That’s honestly just about as incredible as his play on the court was.

So salute to you, Mr. Duncan. May retirement treat you well. You’ve got all our respect and admiration … and we’re lucky to say we saw the greatest power forward to ever do it take the court.

Also, how did you manage to ignore KG’s trash talk? That honestly might have been the most incredible part of your career. We’re open to taking lessons about maintaining that level of calm.


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