Ian Connor Can Disappear Any Time Now


Ian Connor. A true product of the Internet (thanks a lot for this one, Tumblr). A “stylist/model” who has managed to get famous and rub shoulders with the likes of A$AP Rocky and Kanye West, even though he lacks any noticeable talent whatsoever.

Connor’s fall from grace was just as fast as his meteoric rise to fame, as he was accused of rape by multiple women who had strikingly similar stories, and then punched out by A$AP Bari (his former mentor) after attempting to punch Theophilus London, another mentor, in Paris.

Apart from being a slimeball, Connor also seems to think extremely highly of himself, as he titled himself “king of the youth”, even though his style is not creative or innovative (prove us wrong). He dresses like pretty much any streetwear kid you’ll see in any major city (just wear Palace and Jordans and you’ll have been officially Connored), and doesn’t have any design talent either, as told by Cena of Pink Dolphin (check that out here)

It’s unclear how someone without any real skill got so famous, but it’s looking like he’ll fade away into nothingness soon enough. He hasn’t actually been charged with anything which is worth noting, and you’re innocent until proven guilty … but with allegations like these the public will determine you guilty 99 times out of 100, and let’s be honest: he’s not helping his case any with the way he acts on social media. You can delete tweets, but you’re not beating the screen grabbers.

So when Ian Connor finally does fade away, let’s hope the new “king of the youth”, or whatever they chose to title themselves actually possesses some talent and can inspire the kids to make something of themselves. It’s not a good look for the culture as a whole when someone who lacks any real talent is put on a pedestal … but at least it’s a pedestal that’s bound to crumble sooner or later.


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