3 Shoes I Wish I Had


I’m pretty happy with my shoe collection.

I’ve got a good variety. I’ve got summer shoes. I’ve got winter shoes. I’ve got high-tops. I’ve got low-tops. I’ve got shoes that are crazy as well as shoes that are muted. I like to think that my collection is diverse, and that I’ve got a fresh pair for any outfit or occasion.

However, like most sneakerheads, there are a few pairs that I badly want and don’t have. They may have been within reach before and I just didn’t pull the trigger for whatever reason, or they might never have been close to being in my grasp. There have been lots of shoes I wanted and didn’t get over the years, but 3 pairs stick out more than any others. Here’s 3 shoes i really wish I had.

1. Vans x Supreme PCL SK8-Hi


Any reader of this blog knows I love Vans, and I love Supreme. These are my favorite Supreme Vans ever. No, I haven’t heard the album the design was based off of (neither have you, so sit down), but the print is CRAZY, and it contrasts beautifully with the black upper and white midsole.

2. Supreme x Nike Flyknit Lunar 1


The Flyknit Lunar 1 is one of my favorite Nike Running shoes to date, and the Supreme collab was the best of all the colorways by far. A simple, eloquent, black and grey shoe with a “Sup” hit on the side that’s not tacky or overdone? Sign me up. If I ever manage to get my hands on a pair of these, I’m going to be beating them into the ground.

3. Jordan Shadow I


Fear not, I’m not just thirsting after Supreme collabs. The Jordan I is my favorite shoe of all time, and although I’m lucky enough to have my favorite colorway (the Breds), the Shadows are a close second. They’re just too clean. Funny story: I could have gone and gotten these on release day, but I was lazy and chose to sleep in instead. I regret that decision every time I see a pair on someone’s feet.


What 3 shoes do you not own that you wish you had? Why do you want them? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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