Top 5 Sneaker Releases This Weekend


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It’s hardly been two weeks since we last checked in, but there’s a ton of fire coming out again this weekend (almost too much for a 3-day stretch), and you know we’ve got to get to ranking when the fire jawnz get to dropping. There’s something for everyone this weekend, no matter if you’re a fan of Jordans or runners, so we’ll go ahead and get right to it. Here’s this weekend’s top 5 sneaker releases.

5. Casual Industrees x Brooks Fusion “Fly Casual”-Today, $N/A


Two Seattle brands came together to create the first shoe on our list this week. Inspired by the natural hues found in the Pacific Northwest, the premium suede upper and terry cloth color (inspired by the clouds) make Seattle seem more luxurious than ever before.

4. Jordan VII “Olympic/Tinker Alternate”-Today, $190


You’re already very familiar with the original version of this shoe (arguably the best Jordan VII ever), but this new alternate colorway puts a fresh twist on a classic. An alternate sample created by Tinker Hatfield in 1992 finally gets its time to shine 14 years later, right as the Rio Olympics are kicking off. That’s pretty cool.

3. Solebox x Diadora I.C. 4000 “From Seoul to Rio”-Today, $N/A


Diadora continues on with their 7-pair Olympic collaborative collection, and this pair might just be the best yet. A deluxe black leather upper with reptile scales on the back and a grey suede heel tab plus leather laces? Yeah, sign us up. Solebox hasn’t even announced what inspired the colorway, but when it looks this good … who really cares?

2. Jordan I High “Premium Essentials” (white)-Today, $160


You already know that if a Jordan I in a clean, simple colorway comes out it’s going to be at or near the top of our “best of” list. A clean white leather upper goes great with a black swoosh and ball & wings logo, and the little pop of red on the tongue tag is a great touch too. If it wasn’t a little later in the season, this shoe would have taken the #1 spot on the list.

1. Jordan I High “Premium Essentials” (black)-Today, $160


We said above that the white Premium Essentials jawnz would normally be #1 on our list … and these are the reason they aren’t. Solid black with a white swoosh and the same red hit on the tongue? Yeah, sign us up. These can easily hold down a spot in your rotation from now until next spring. An easy yet still super fly all-season shoe.


What’s your favorite sneaker release this weekend? Do you agree with the list or would you re-organize it if you had a say? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.



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