Ultralight Beam: The Saint Pablo Tour Was A Legendary Experience


Like most of Minnesota’s hip-hop, street culture, and fashion lovers, I was in attendance at the Saint Pablo tour on Monday … and it was a night to remember. Kanye delivered everything you could ask for, both from a performance and visual standpoint, and it’ll go down as the best concert I’ve been to yet.

We rolled up around 7PM and got in “line” for merch. I use quotation marks because it wasn’t really a line, it was more a bunch of people clustered together shoving forwards in the hopes of getting their hands on some Saint Pablo gear. After almost an hour of yelling, shoving, texts from the homies telling me what they wanted, and theatrics (the homie Devo hopped the table and caused quite a scene), I got my merch and headed down to the GA floor.

Although I felt like I just went five rounds in the ring trying to get merch, I was still ready to rock, and realized that the floor was the perfect place to be for the performance. The ability to sit down would have been cool, but there’s no better way to get the full experience of a concert (especially one like this) than being front and center on the floor. Like the great prophet Ja Rule once said: “Fuck VIP, let’s get the party crackin’ right here”

The whole crowd collectively lost their minds when Kanye stepped on the stage and was hoisted into the air, and the noise didn’t die down an bit through his hour-plus set. He covered everything from new bangers off TLOP to classics like “Touch The Sky”, to “Stronger”. I also never thought I’d see someone twerking to “Heartless”, but I witnessed that as well.

Outside of Kanye’s animated, loud performance, I was extremely impressed by the Saint Pablo tour’s asthetics. The mobile stage was fascinating, and the light work was excellent. It was visual art combined with a concert … what’s not to love about that?

The vibe was right, the music was great, and the homies were out in force, all of which made for quite the evening. It’s not every day you get to see someone who’s music was essentially your life soundtrack for the past decade-plus, and Kanye didn’t disappoint one bit. I’ll remember my Saint Pablo experience forever, and I’m thrilled I was able to be there.


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Editor’s note: The photo at the article was taken by our homieĀ Nabil. Be sure to follow him on Instagram!


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