Strap Sneakers: Not Just For Senior Citizens


You had a pair when you were younger, had clumsy hands and couldn’t tie your shoes. You’d throw them on every day before school dreaming of the day when you’d be tying your shoes instead. You thought you wouldn’t have to wear them again until you were old. There’s a good chance you never thought you’d be taking a second look at them as an adult … but here you are.

We’re talking about strap sneakers. That’s right, strap sneakers. Shoes with velcro straps instead of laces, and we’ve got news for you: they’re not just for senior citizens anymore. They’re a fresh, head-turning alternative footwear option, and many a brand has worked them into their current lineup.

Want to go high-end? Grab yourself something like the Raf Simmons Adidas Stan Smith pictured above. Don’t feel like dropping four bills on a pair of kicks? We can feel that. Try something like the Vans Prison Issue (great name, right?) for a fraction of the price.


No matter what your budget may be or what your wardrobe is looking like, there’s bound to be a pair of strap sneakers that you’ll like. Part of the reason you wear dope shoes is to turn heads, right? Well you can bet heads will be whipping around when people realize you’ve got velcro straps on the top of your shoes.

Trying something different and stepping out of your comfort zone is always important, both in fashion and sneakers, and this is an easy way for you to do just that. Strap your velcro jawns up and give it a shot. You just might like it.

And plus, let’s keep it real: tying your shoes as an adult still kind of sucks anyway.


What do you think about velcro strap sneakers? Do you already own a pair, or are you planning on working one into your rotation soon? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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