Restock Alert: The Black Toe & Reverse Shattered Backboards Will Be Available Tuesday


You might not want to spend any extra money this weekend.

Sure, we imagine you’ll go out and grab a beer or two. You might even cop yourself a pair of kicks. We feel it. We’ve been known to do the same. But don’t do anything like pick up a few rounds or have an excessively expensive dinner … you might want that money for what’s going down next Tuesday.

There’s gonna be a restock on Foot Locker’s website, and it’s gonna be a good one. Two of the most hyped Jordan I’s of the year, the Black Toes and the Reverse Shattered Backboards will be dropping. Miss out on em’ the first time around? Here’s your second chance. Need a second pair? You’re in luck. If you like I’s, this is like Saturday coming on a Tuesday for you. You’ve got a choice between two great shoes, and who knows? Maybe you can find a way to really cook and get both.


Both of these shoes are extremely wearable, and may not restock again (even though you never know). They’re both great pairs to have in your collection, and the chance to grab them for retail isn’t something that you should pass up. So be ready on the 15th. Get your bot set if that’s your thing. Get your typing hands ready if not. Opportunities like these don’t come along often in the sneaker game, so be sure to capitalize on them.


What pair will you be shooting for on the restock? Do you prefer the classic Black Toe I’s, or are the modern Reverse Shattered Backboard I’s more your thing? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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