Pusha T and Adidas: A Match Made In Heaven


Nobody has a better stable of artists and influencers in footwear than Adidas. From Kanye West to Pharrell to Rita Ora, Adidas has managed to tap into almost every imaginable market due to their great product and brand ambassadors.

One ambassador who may fly slightly more under the radar than the rest but still commands just as much respect (if not more) from the culture is Pusha T. The legendary rapper and 1/2 of the Clipse has practically become the face of Adidas’s EQT products, as his third release, a lux Primeknit EQT called the “Greyscale” sold out incredibly quickly this week, much like his last two EQT releases did.

The reason the collaborative efforts are so successful? They’re true to Pusha, his vision, and his music … and true to Adidas’s product. Everything from the packaging to the design of all three collaborative shoes draws inspiration from Pusha’s drug dealing background and music (can you imagine a major footwear company even come close to endorsing something like that 10 years ago?), and Adidas also makes sure to come correct with the quality on each and every release.

King Push may not reach as far as Kanye West’s Yeezy releases, and he may not have as many fans as EU pop star Rita Ora, but this line of collaborations is a collection for the streets, the hip-hop lovers, and the hypebeasts (of course) … and they’ve been loving it. Chalk up another win for Pusha T, and another win for Adidas.


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