The Kith Aspen Footwear Is Off The Charts


Ronnie Fieg the gawd.

Year after year, we think Ronnie can’t turn up any more, and what does he do? He goes out and turns up more. 2016 was arguably his best year ever with the presentation of his Kithland fashion show, his new store opening in Miami, his “Heritage” Asics, and collabs with 90’s icons like the Rugrats, Cap’n Crunch, and the Power Rangers. Yeah, Ronnie’s been making a lot of boss moves these past 12 months … but his strong 2016 isn’t over just yet.


His Kith Aspen collection consists of several fire sneaker collabs, like the Ultra Boost Mid Triple White pictured above and the Trail Boost pictured at the top of the article. And that’s not all … Ronnie has another Timberland 40 Below boot releasing as well.


The man is capping off his best release of 2016 with arguably some of his best footwear of the year too. The hot streak he’s been on is nothing short of amazing, and the fact that he’s releasing great winter footwear is even more crazy. Let’s be real here: as sneakerheads, we all know that finding a good shoe to wear in inclement weather can be quite a challenge. Ronnie’s making it easy for us this winter, and that’s amazing.

So pay your respects to Kith for a killer year … and be sure to keep an eye out for these shoes when they drop (they’ll be gone faster than you can say “fire jawns”. You’ll be glad you did.


What do you think Kith’s best release in 2016 was? Which of the three shoes pictured in this article do you like the best? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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