What’s The Best Way To Handle A Yeezy Release?


The thirst for Yeezys continues to get more and more real.

Every time you think people couldn’t get more hyped for a drop, they get more hyped. Every time you think there’s going to be more pairs available, they’re mysteriously all gone and you’re left without any yet again. The game is crazy. How do stores releasing the Yeezys handle it?

Obviously first come, first serve is a no-go, and the traditional raffle takes a lot of heat from whiney sneakerheads who complain about raffles being rigged every time they don’t win (if they are rigged, don’t complain … just get yourself a better plug).

So some stores are trying different methods to reign in the release madness. On the mall chain end, PacSun doesn’t make you put down a size. If they call you, you can chose what they have left in-stock. Therefore, if you get called first you can get whatever you want … but if you get called later you can at least still get a pair in some size instead of having to take an L.¬†On the smaller retail front, Kith randomly dropped their Yeezys online, and Oneness in Kentucky (pictured in the image at the top of the article) randomly dropped their Yeezys in-store for a true first come, first serve experience, no line needed.

Although none of these are perfect methods, they are more appealing than a lot of traditional tactics. They give everyone a true fighting chance based purely on luck, and nobody has any real reason to complain if they didn’t get a pair. As long as demand outweighs supply (which it will for the foreseeable future), people are just going to have to get used to dealing with release day L’s. It’s just part of the game.


What do you think of the different release methods Pac Sun, Kith, and Oneness tried out with the last Yeezy release? Did you like them, or think they were too much of a reach? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for daily updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle.


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