PE’s: Not Always A Winner

Some sneakerheads love nothing more than a fresh pair of PE’s. Maybe it’s a college shoe, and they’re fans of the school. Maybe it’s a professional athlete’s PE, and they’re gassed to have a player they love’s shoe. Maybe they just love having rare shoes that were never for sale and are difficult to acquire. Yeah, it’s safe to say the PE life is a crazy life.

However, not all PE’s are a winner. Just because something’s limited and unavailable to the general public doesn’t always make it dope. Let’s use Andre Johnson’s Miami Jordan XI’s (pictured above) that he premiered on Instagram yesterday for an example.

They’re weird. They’re bright. They’re extremely colorful. Honestly? They look like a pair of crazy mid to late 00’s fakes that you’d find on one of those dozens of sites selling wacky Jordans and Air Force I’s with SpongeBob Squarepants on the side. Plus, Miami is an Adidas school now (doesn’t really connect but still weird).

This proves that not all PE’s are fire. Sure, there are great pairs. Pretty much anything Oregon will always be insane, because of the love and detail that goes into the pairs (IV’s and V’s are probably our favorites). But beyond those? It gets a little more murky. Go ahead and collect whatever you wanna collect … but don’t cop PE’s just because they’re limited. You’re doing yourself a disservice, and you might wind up with some Andre Johnson XI’s in your closet. You don’t really want that.


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