Jumping Ship: Big Sean Has Left Adidas For Puma

G.O.O.D. Music: a stylish, musically-talented group of individuals. Several of the biggest rappers in the game reside on the G.O.O.D. Music roster … and a good amount (no pun intended) of them had shoe deals with Adidas. One team, one dream, one shoe company. Until now.

Detroit’s finest, Big Sean has left Adidas to sign with Puma, on the heels of Puma signing The Weeknd. It appears as if Puma is gearing up for a big, celebrity-endorsed, star-powered 2017, and Big Sean is a great addition to their roster.

He collaborated on several successful sneaker releases and pieces of apparel, and was at one point a large part of Adidas’s marketing efforts. However, the last few seasons, it seemed if he wasn’t as large of a part of Adidas’s marketing efforts, as most of the marketing was put behind Kanye West (obviously) and Pusha T.

Sometimes a fresh start is good, and as Sean is one of the biggest celebrity names now on Puma’s roster along with Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and (as mentioned above) The Weeknd he’ll get a new chance to use his influence with a new company. We’d bet that his signature vintage-inspired aesthetic will lend itself well to heritage Puma releases, along with (possibly) new silhouettes. Only time will tell, but we’re excited to see what Puma and Big Sean can come together to create in 2017. If his past releases with Adidas are any indication … we’re in for some good product.


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