Wear What You Like: Elitisim in the Sneaker Culture

We’ve all seen him: The guy who thinks he’s stunting on everyone, walking down the hall with a swagger in his step.

Then you look down at his feet, and he’s got something horrible on. Flight 45’s, Prime 5’s, or some other gross team Jordan, possibly covered with some ill-fitting, way too big, early 00’s style denim. I’ll be the first to admit it. It’s hard to not laugh at those people sometimes. Those of us “in the know,” if you will, wouldn’t be caught dead with something like that on our feet, and can’t fathom why anyone else would wear them either.  But hang on…

It’s nobody’s business what someone likes, and we need to stop judging others for their sneaker choices.

Take, for example, a guy who comes into the mall. He likes having a new pair on foot, and feels good when he’s got some on. He doesn’t really look into the culture, and just buys what catches his eye. Even though some of the “old heads” might hem and haw at someone like that because they “haven’t done their research” or some other crusty point of view, it’s none of their business and they don’t have the right to rain on anyone’s parade.

We all get that feeling when a fresh pair is on-foot. We feel like a million bucks. If someone feels like that with a team Jordan or some generic Nike basketball sneaker on, even if you think they’re the whackest of the whack, keep your opinion to yourself. Let them do their thing, and you can do yours.


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