The Material Dilemma

Although this article is similar in nature to the valuable sneakers piece that was put on the site on Sunday, I still thought it was a topic worth touching on.

Sometimes it’s hard being so attracted to material things. A lot of people don’t understand it. “You have how many sneakers?” they say. “You spent how much on that pair of sneakers?” they say. “You know they’re just sneakers, right?” they say. Usually someone like that is easy to ignore, but sometimes it can get bothersome.

Occasionally, it feels like you’re just mindlessly consuming, buying kicks left and right with no real end goal in site except enlarging the size of your collection. I thought it would be worthwhile to touch on that though, and what to tell yourself if you ever get to feeling “some type of way”, as Rich Homie Quan would say.

Although I truly do love sneakers, the most rewarding thing about the sneaker culture for me is the great people that are involved. I would have never met Jahmade, who’s become one of my best friends, as well as a major part of this site if it wasn’t for the New Balance x Ronnie Fieg Daytona 1600. I would have never gotten the chance to link up with Moh, who’s been like a big brother, providing sage advice and always showing love if I hadn’t wandered into Studiiyo23 looking for some heat one summer day a few years back.

Another great thing about sneakers is how they can take you back. Growing up in the 90’s and 00’s you can be transported back to the good old days when you throw on a certain sneaker. Every time I rock a pair of my Iverson’s I’m reminded of when he crossed the mess out of Antonio Daniels, or had the epic scoring battle with Vince Carter in the 2001 playoffs.

Essentially what I’m getting at is that it’s more than just the material object. It’s the history surrounding the objects, and the people that make the culture special that make collecting shoes fun. So next time someone tries to tell you something about your hobby/habit/addiction (whatever you want to call it), tell them that. They might have a whole new perspective.



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