Soundset Do’s and Dont’s: Everything You Need To Know

For those of you who live under a rock, Soundset is this Sunday, May 25th at Canterbury Park. Here at KicksOneTwo, we love Soundset. We go every year, and we figured we’d whip up a quick guide with do’s and dont’s for those who might be a little bit newer to the game.


-Get there a little early. You have to wait in line for what can amount to a decent while before you get to go in. Especially if you plan to push to the front, the sooner you get in the better.

-Bring your own flask if you want to drink. Drinks add up quickly there with the ticket system that they use, so bring some of your own sauce and save a little money.

-Wear a beater pair of kicks. No point in trying to be fresh. Your feet are gonna get stepped on, there’s likely gonna be mud, and nobody will be looking at your new kicks anyway. It’s a mess. Even Jason Markk might not be able to save you

-Bring a hoodie. If the temperature swings, it’s good to be ready. You don’t wanna be the one guy stuck out there with a t-shirt on when it starts raining.

-Check out everything else. Swing through the booths, the car show, and anything else that’s going on! There’s a lot of other dope stuff tucked into the festival grounds. If someone you don’t like too much is onstage, take a walk around and explore.


-Be that guy who wants to act all hard. Everyone’s there to have a good time and nobody cares if you want to posture. Just be cool, enjoy the music, and puff, puff, pass.

-Drink too fast. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Keeping up a buzz for 8+ hours requires a special type of skill, so try to pace yourself.

-Try to get out of the parking lot too fast after the event’s over. If you cause an accident, you’ll just make it twenty times slower for yourself and everyone else.

Hope everyone has a great time this year! See you all tomorrow.

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