We’ve Got It Pretty Good

This past week I was in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for work. This wasn’t the first time I’ve traveled for my job, nor will it be the last. Since I work for a sneaker company, I always like to try and find the store I’m helping out’s resident sneakerhead and get their thoughts on what the sneaker culture is like in their town.

I’ve been from Sioux City to Eau Claire, and I usually hear a variation of the same things: “Well nobody here really cares about that stuff”. “I have to drive a few hours to the cities to get releases because the stores in town rarely ever get anything”. “Nobody really understands why we do this”.

So of course I got to thinking. And you know what I thought? We’ve got it really good here. We’ve got great local shops like Studiiyo23  Phenom, Cal Surf, and Familia. We’ve got stores like House Of Hoops and the Nike store that get most (not all but most) of the releases, and we’ve got a great culture here, full of friendly people that are always willing to help and look out for each other.

Sure, we may not be as high-powered as a New York or a Los Angeles, but our community is strong. So the next time you think about complaining about how we don’t have a top-tier account, or we won’t be getting limited release a or b, think about everything that we do have. And also think: you could be stuck in the boonies.


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