Is The Sneaker Game In Good Hands?

It seems like just yesterday I started collecting sneakers. I was 15, and had just started my first job at Champs Sports. I had always loved basketball, and with that came a love of sneakers. Growing up, I’d get a pair or two before school started (who remembers the 2 for $90 deal at Champs back in the day? Nothing better) and that would be about it.

However, with my discount at Champs and paychecks coming in, I was able to bump up my collection until it swelled to a mildly ridiculous size. I’ve been collecting for seven years now, and it still sometimes feels like I just started last week with how excited I get over sneaker news and new releases.

Where am I going with this soliloquy you might ask? As I’m getting older (I’m 22 now, and it feels like I was in high school just yesterday) I can’t help but wonder what the next generation will bring to the sneaker game. It seems like people are getting started younger and younger, and the landscape of the culture is changing as well.

The main worry I have about our culture is it seems to me more and more people are getting into the game just to make money or impress others instead of just loving sneakers. Kids who’s parents buy them a bunch of shoes that they then flip are not real sneakeheads, despite what they may think. Kids who come into the mall and walk around saying “them is wet” (don’t you hate that term? Talk about annoying.) every time they see a new pair are not sneakerheads either.

I understand that everyone has to start somewhere, and there’s somewhat of a steep learning curve in the sneaker game, but I just hope the next generation gets into shoes for the simple love of it, not money or impressing others. If so, then our culture will be in good hands.


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