“I Don’t Like It Because Everyone Else Does”: Hating On Popular Shoes

It seems to be somewhat common nowadays to hate on popular sneakers. Be it the Carmine 6’s that released a few weeks back or honestly any Jordan 11, you’ll hear people saying stuff like “Those aren’t even sick. Everyone’s got them” or “I don’t see what’s really all that crazy about those”.

I’m not entirely sure why we do this. It’s honestly almost hipster-ish in nature. You don’t like something because everyone else has got it? So what? Would you think it’s fresh if it was more limited and other people didn’t have it?

I’ve been guilty of this myself. Take for example the Carmine 6’s. I loved them, but when they came out I didn’t cop because I thought “Everyone will be wearing these. I’m going to have to wait a solid year before I rock them.” The drop came and went, and I didn’t have my pair. Now I’m kicking myself for not copping, because they’re a crazy sneaker.

I understand the need to occasionally feel exclusive and rock something that other people don’t have. That’s a fun part of having a nice sneaker collection. However, please don’t cheat yourself out of a dope sneaker just because you might see other people rocking it. You might just regret it later.


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