Boring! Why Unboxing Videos Suck

If you’re like the KicksOneTwo staff, you likely enjoy watching sneaker videos on Youtube. From TBlake, to Mr. Foamer Simpson, to YoAnty, there’s several different channels, all of which have their own unique flavor and take on the culture.

However ,there’s one type of video on these channels that I can’t stand. UNBOXINGS. There’s nothing more yawn-inducing than an unboxing video. From the obligatory “gee I wonder what’s in this box even though I already know” moment to the hasty review of whatever sneaker was shipped out, unboxings are typically real snoozers.

I understand that to continue to get free product from a company you’ve gotta rep what they’re sending you and make videos about it. I’m fine with that. However, I’m not OK with how the unboxing videos seem like they’re just phoned-in. Set up the camera, shoot the video, on to the next one. These sneaker Youtube channels are supposed to be about having fun, and the unboxings don’t look like much fun at all.

I would hope that in the future, these sneaker Youtubers can come up with something better. Most of them are smart, creative and funny guys, and they’re selling themselves short by cranking out these generic videos. Be a little more creative! Review the shoe and the packaging in different videos. You don’t have to make something generic just because some company is sending you free product. They’re sending it to you because you’re creative and have a voice…so be creative and have a voice, for god’s sake! Rant over.


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