Thoughts on the Supreme x Jordan x Nike SB Collaboration

Earlier this week, hypebeasts all over the world rapidly developed uncontrollable erections with the announcement of what could safely be called a holy trinity collaboration: Jordan, Nike SB, and Supreme were rumored to be working on a sneaker.

Rumors and speculation are now swirling around the sneaker world as to what might be going on. Will it be a Jordan 1 SB, similar to a Lance Mountain? Will it be something off the wall? All hypebeastry aside, will it even be cool?

As someone who’s been collecting Supreme for a few years now (I’d like to think I know a little bit about the other brands too…Jordan more so than Nike SB), I have a few guesses as to what may be going on.

The general consensus is that the model will be a Jordan 1, as this is the model that previous Jordan and Nike SB collabs have used. I agree with this. With the 1’s roots in skate culture, and Supreme being a legendary skate brand, this makes a lot of sense for all three parties involved.

Nobody seems to have any clue as to what a potential color might be, so I’m going to go ahead and throw a wild guess into the ring. I think we’ll be seeing a black base with red and gold accents. Why this, you say? A black base is always a safe guess, red is a classic Jordan color, and Supreme likes to utilize gold and silver in the occasional piece as well. I have no basis for this guess, but if it turns out I’m right I’ll accept payment in the form of a cold beer, and an acknowledgement that I fucking called it.

Any way this shoe turns out, it should be dope. Supreme and Nike have a long and successful list of crazy collaborations, from the dunk lows, to the Bruins, to the Flyknit Lunars, to the Foamposites, and there’s no reason to think this collab will be any less dope. I know I’ll be on my computer at 9:55 PM central time furiously refreshing (got the black foams doing just that!) and I’m sure a lot of other folks will be doing the same.


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