I’m Not Going Anywhere

I’ll be honest. This isn’t a sneaker piece so much as it is a personal piece. If you came here hoping today’s post might be a sneaker post, you might be just a little bit disappointed. However, it is a post that I felt needed to be written, and where better to do it than here on KicksOneTwo?

Last week, I was offered a big promotion at work. I’d be making a ton more money and have a ton more responsibility. Sounds great, right? But there was a catch. I’d have to move to Mason City, Iowa. Not exactly a thriving metropolis for the culture this website is based on (although there is some nice Frank Lloyd Wright-designed houses out there). And KicksFourOne doesn’t have quite the same ring to it either if I may be honest.

I was considering it. I was very nearly ready to go for it. But today, I informed my company (whom I love working for and have nothing but the utmost respect for) that I couldn’t leave. Why, might you ask? Because I love Minneapolis. We’ve got such a great sneaker community here with wonderful people and places. To quote Jordan Belfort: “I’m not fuckin’ leaving! This is my home!” (if you haven’t seen the movie, here’s the clip below. ¬†You should check that out.)


And…I just couldn’t discard this website. My homies and I have really put our hearts and souls into it, and producing dope content means the world to us. If you’re reading this and you’ve ever enjoyed something on here, thank you so much for checking the site out. If one person likes one thing that I’ve posted on this site, that makes everything worth it to me.

Here’s to much more great content (TCSAX4 is right around the corner! Can’t wait to write a recap!) and great sneaker moments right here in the Twin Cities


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