Thoughts On The Pharrell x Adidas Collaboration

I’ll come right out and say it: I’m a Pharrell stan. I’m inspired by his constant creativity, and how he seems to be successful in just about everything that he does. From Billionaire Boys Club (which happens to be one of my favorite brands), to the “Perspective” chair he designed, to his classic production on old Clipse records, to the neo-funk-soul-whatever the hell kind of music it is on his most recent album Girl, I’m of the opinion that most things he has a hand in wind up coming out great.

Therefore, it was only right that I shared my thoughts on his latest collaborative effort. He’s linked up with Adidas, and they’re releasing three different colors of the classic Stan Smith model, called the “Solid Pack”. Here’s a few pictures of the shoes below if you haven’t had a chance to take a look at them yet.

pharrell-adidas-stan-smith-solid-pack-consortium-01 pharrell-adidas-stan-smith-solid-pack-consortium-02 pharrell-adidas-stan-smith-solid-pack-consortium-03

It’s somewhat surprising that they went somewhat simple with the solid colors on their first collaborative release, as Pharrell is known for colorful and whimsical designs. However, the solid colors on what appears to be pretty high-quality leather is a good look. The two solid stripes above the one stripe outline on the heel is a nice touch to break up the solid coloring too.

And the pattern on the insole just might be my favorite part. It’s little hidden details like insole detailing that make a shoe release special. That’s how you know the people who were working on the designs put a little extra time and effort in.

Now for the one downside: another all red shoe? Seriously? Yes, we all know that all-red kicks look great but it’s a color scheme that’s starting to grow very tiring. It almost seems like the red shoe was thrown in the pack as an obligatory nod to current trends, which you wouldn’t expect from a collaborative effort like this.

All in all though, a very solid first collaboration from the two parties. The Stan Smith is one of Adidas’s most recognizable silhouettes, and it was certainly done justice here. Are you planning on copping this weekend? If so, the kicks will be available at Packer Shoes and other Adidas accounts this Saturday, September 20th.




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