Are You An OG, Or Are You Old?

At some point in your time spent sneaker collecting, you’ve most likely met an OG or two. You know, the guys that have been collecting as long as you’ve been alive, have shoes that are almost your age, ¬†and remember that one time in ’91 that Mike did this, that, or the other thing while wearing that one specific pair.

But sometimes there’s a fine line between being an OG and flat-out just being old and crusty. What crosses that line and what’s OK? Here’s what I think.

To reach OG status in the sneaker game, one must not only have a wealth of sneaker knowledge, but also a diverse collection. With everything from recent pairs to pairs that are a decade (or maybe even two!) old, the OG has all the bases covered. While they might prefer releases from the older days, or wax poetic about the days before resellers and online hype, they’ve got a healthy appreciation for the new stuff as well. An OG always knows what’s dope and somehow manages to stay ahead of the curve while always paying homage to the classics.

An old, crusty sneakerhead is similar, yet they’re missing out on a few things, namely the “staying ahead of the curve” and the “always knowing what’s dope parts. Someone who’s just flat old will complain about new releases and make statements like “Nobody would have worn that in my day” like anyone gives a shit. Old sneakerheads complain far too much about how the culture has changed instead of just accepting it for what it is and keeping it moving. Not only does this leave them looking like tools, it also doesn’t do the game any good.

I truly believe that age ain’t nothing but a number. If you’re still passionate about kicks in your 60’s, keep on collecting. More power to you. It’s also fine to like shoes from a certain era more. Everyone has their personal favorites, and that’s A-OK.

However, don’t whine and complain. Don’t like the “new stuff?” Don’t buy it then. Let everyone have their moment. The sneaker game has room for all types of tastes and styles, and we’re better off for it. Leave the crustiness at the door.


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