Is NiceKicks Running Out Of Ideas For Sneak Peek?

In sneaker culture, there are few shops more┬áprevalent than NiceKicks. With a dope storefront in Austin, Texas, and one of the best sneaker Youtube┬áchannels out, they’ve always managed to find a way to stay in the front of the pack in the sneaker industry.

One of the most popular segments on their Youtube channel is their “Sneak Peek” series, in which they visit various sneakerheads (everyone from DJ Skee to Rico Love), and let them show off some of the dope sneakers that they have in their collection. They’ve been through five very successful seasons, and just started their sixth.

However, this is where the trouble begins. For the first episode of season six, they revisited notorious blowhard Kenny G, AKA The Perfect Pair. Although he was selected by the fans in a voting process (so there’s clearly still a good amount of interest), this brings up an interesting point. Are the folks at NiceKicks running out of ideas when it comes to Sneak Peek?

They’ve visited the vast majority of “celebrity sneakerheads”, and have talked to several professional athletes as well. However, six seasons in, there seems to be somewhat of a shortage of people to talk to. Let’s be honest here: this isn’t one of those shows that could go on forever and ever. Sure, you can always find people with dope collections to showcase, but how many of those people are going to show you the same shoes? How many times are you going to see a Doernbecher III or hear people talk about how they really like shoes with “Nike Air” on the back before it grows tiring?

Like the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Sneak Peek needs a rest. It’s becoming repetitive, and sadly pretty boring as well. One would think if they shelved it for a while, they could come up with fresh and new ideas, and bring the spark back to the series.

Here’s hoping whatever they do, they can keep it original. It’s a shame when something that’s really dope starts to get played out, and nobody wants that to happen with Sneak Peek.


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