Get Your Sneaker Mindset Right!

This last week, I was hanging out and talking about sneakers like I usually do in my free time when I heard an unfortunate phone conversation taking place in my immediate vicinity.

A young-ish kid decked out in Supreme and rocking some Nike Flyknit Racers was talking to his friend about the wheat Air Force I Mids that had dropped earlier that day. You see, this kid had gone over to a store that still had several pair in stock and cleaned them out, buying every last pair so he could attempt to flip them on eBay.

Although nobody really likes resellers, that could be forgiven. Can’t blame someone for trying to hit a quick lick. However, then things got really bad.

You see, this kid’s friend had wanted a pair of these Forces and was unable to get them. He was trying to talk his buddy into selling him a pair, as he figured he could get a hand. But he was sorely mistaken.

I sat there, and listened to this kid tell his friend that he could have a pair, but it would cost him $200. He then had the nerve to continue on and say that they’d be on eBay for $250 so paying $200 was actually a “steal”. A “steal”? Yeah, it is a steal. It’s you stealing your friend’s money. You would think retail plus gas would be a fair price for a friend, but apparently that’s not at all the case.

So where am I going with this story, you may ask? Well, hearing this somewhat messed-up conversation got me to thinking. The mindset in the sneaker game has changed a lot over the last few years. Back in the day (I hate to use that term but it applies nicely here), it wasn’t all about taxing. It was about getting your kicks and making sure your friends got their kicks too. It was all about sharing the love, not hoarding all the love for yourself and trying to make a quick buck or two on selling it, one or two pairs at a time.

So I’m imploring you: try to share the love as much as possible. Have an in on a limited sneaker, but you’re not planning on copping for yourself? No need to get it anyway and try to flip it for a crazy amount of money. Chances are you have a friend who might want it. Make his day and let him get it for retail. Copped something that was hyped up, and not as stoked on it as you thought you’d be? Trade it for something you love.

Just bring the love back. Do it to make the culture better and more fun. Sneaker karma is very real, and although I’m not saying you should go around plugging everyone and their mother, please try to watch out for your friends and maybe even help out someone you don’t know as well every once in a while. Trust me, the feeling you’ll get from it is as good as money, if not better. Make sure your sneaker mindset is a positive and helpful one.


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