Is Wearing Fake Jordans OK?

You’ve most likely seen a few pairs in your life. It’s possible you’ve even worn a pair yourself. Maybe they were a crazy color scheme. Maybe they were see-through plastic. Maybe they had SpongeBob SquarePants on the side. If you haven’t guessed it by now, we’re talking about fake Jordans.

Yes, fake Jordans. The ones you buy from the guy with a bunch of pairs in the back of his truck. The ones you get on the websites that have several misspellings and offer outrageously low prices. But we’re not talking about the fake shoes themselves, we’re talking about if it’s OK to rock them or not.

I’ll start off by saying that I’ve never worn fake Jordans. I’ve (thankfully) always been in a position where I’m able to afford the real deal so the thought has never even crossed my mind. However, I’ve seen a lot of them, and talked to enough people rocking them that I’ve formed an opinion on them, so here goes.

First off, it’s never OK to rock a fake pair like it’s the real thing. If you know they’re fake, and you’re still trying to flex, then you’re the worst kind of chump out there. If you’re flexing a fake pair and you don’t know they’re fake because you don’t have a ton of knowledge about shoes, that’s slightly more excusable, but you should step your knowledge up before you try to act cool.

That’s pretty cut and dried, but what about more questionable situations? Say someone can’t afford a real pair of Jordans, but wants them so bad that they’re willing to wear something off-brand to get that same feeling? Although I can understand wanting something very badly, I can’t understand wanting it badly enough that you willingly purchase a knockoff. The same goes for luxury belts and luxury bags, of which there are a lot of fakes floating around as well. If you can’t afford them and know you’re carrying around a fake, doesn’t that make you self-conscious? Don’t flaunt it if you ain’t got it. There are cheaper and doper options out there.

Basically my two cents on fakes is this: don’t do it. If you can’t swing a pair of Jordans, don’t waste your time with some cheap and crappy knockoffs. Even if it’s a high-quality replica that looks exactly like the real thing, still a no-go. It’sĀ fraudulent, and to be quite frank should be ratherĀ embarrassing. Just get something else, and keep it moving. No fakes over here. If you don’t know enough and buy a fake pair due to lack of knowledge on the subject, you shouldn’t be in the game either. I’ve got a low tolerance for fakes, as I feel that they dilute the sneaker game as a whole, no matter how real they look.

If you have a different opinion, feel free to drop a comment. I’d love to know your thoughts on the subject! Conversation, especially on a topic with several different viewpoints like this one, is always a good thing!


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