Sneaker Nicknames: Are They Played Out?

If there’s one thing that sneakerheads love to a fault, it’s giving nicknames to shoes. From classic models to new releases, every shoe that comes out seems to have some sort of nickname nowadays.

There are classic and useful nicknames like “Bred” for any black/and red Jordan, or “Volt” for any neon yellow/green sneaker, but the usefulness of sneaker nicknames dries up somewhat quickly. In today’s sneakerhead world, it seems like there has to be some sort of nickname or deeper meaning for every single shoe that’s dropping every single weekend.

Let’s look at an example. The black and blue KD VII’s that dropped on January 15th, first off. A pretty simple and dope shoe, but it’s been dubbed the “Clearwater”. Why? Why is it necessary to come up with a nickname for every single sneaker that comes out, especially one like this with little to no hype surrounding it? The nicknaming is getting out of hand and it needs to be toned down.

At the rate we’re going at now, it won’t be too long before someone walks into your local sneaker store and says something along the lines of. “Hey bruh, ya’ll got them Oreo Gamma Bred Bad Apples?” The game is becoming¬†oversaturated with an abundance of nicknames, and it needs to slow down.

Here’s my suggestion: Leave the nicknames to the classic shoes. Companies and sneakerheads don’t have to come up with a new nickname ever single time a new shoe drops. Not only does it take the fun out of thinking up nicknames for really dope and special shoes, it’s just too damn much to remember. It’s OK to refer to a shoe as “those black and cement Jordan IV’s”, or “those white and carolina blue VII’s”. You don’t always have to be witty and clever. Let it sit sometimes, and giving shoes nicknames could still be fun.


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