Sneaker Karma

No matter what it is that you do in life, it’s always important to keep it 100. Being a stand-up person who always keeps it real is never a bad idea. If you’re honest and a good person, karma will reward you. If not..well you’ll find out that bad karma is a very real thing.

Before you get mad and say to yourself “What the fuck is this all about? I’m here to read about shoes, not get a life lesson” give me a second to explain myself. Being a stand-up person very much ties into sneakers, and sneaker karma is a real thing. “How so?” you might be wondering. Here’s how so.

Sadly, with the way today’s sneaker game is set up, there’s a lot of opportunities to be a snake. You can shamelessly rip people off for a hyped release. You can get multiple pairs of sneakers to sell that someone else really wanted to wear. Hell, you can even sell fake shoes to someone who might not have the knowledge that you do.

But that’s just not right. If you’ve ever ripped someone off, made an unfair trade, or pulled some other shiesty move, then you’re part of the problem with today’s sneaker game. You’ve got no right to complain about resellers or snakes, because if you’ve done it even on a small scale then you’re part of the larger problem with the game.

By no means am I saying that it’s wrong to get a fair sum for a limited release, or charge a few bucks over retail for something so that you can have a few more bucks in your sneaker fund. However, I am saying that it’s wrong to shamelessly tax, finesse, and rip people off. It hurts the game, and if you do it you’ll have a big fat chunk of bad sneaker karma coming your way.

So try to be fair and reasonable. We all love this game, and for it to thrive we need to look out for one another and occasionally help instead of tax like crazy and finesse. Keep your sneaker karma right and good things will come your way! As our friends at Create Karma say, “add value to your craft”.


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