Ronnie Fieg Killed It Again On The Sakura Project

If you know me at all, you know that I’m a huge Ronnie Fieg¬†fan. The man is constantly innovating. He’s always true to the look that he’s created while still managing to remain on trend, and with his latest collection, he’s outdone himself once again.

Followers of Kith know that Ronnie has been in Tokyo the past few weeks, operating a pop-up shop and working on collaborations with the likes of John Elliot and Puma. For those who may have not seen what he’s been up to, the lookbook is available here. There’s also a video recap of the Kith crew’s escapades in Tokyo.

Say what you will about Ronnie, but he’s winning right now. He dropped some of his best work to date today. He’s collaborating with other hot brands like John Elliot, and a legendary footwear company like Puma is so confident in him that they let him design his own original sneaker.

Part of the reason he’s winning is the people he surrounds himself with. If you look through the video, you’ll see that he’s with creatives like Irving Jimenez of Buscemi and Greats and Julz Goddard of Yes Julz. Even Joe La Puma of Complex and Victor Cruz of the New York Giants seem absolutely thrilled to be allowed in Ronnie’s inner circle.

This is really a project that you can take something away from. Travel to new places to get inspired. Surround yourself with good, forwards-thinking people to help push whatever your vision might be forwards. Don’t be afraid to take risks and innovate while remaining true to who you are.

Some might say that last paragraph was full of cliches, but it’s also full of truth. No matter how you may feel about Ronnie’s brand, you can be inspired by his grind, and his thought process. And if you think the gear he dropped is dope, you can cop some today. I know I’ll be copping.


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