Community Opinion Part III: Favorite Clothing Piece

After a long hiatus…it’s finally back! Welcome to our third installment of “Community Opinion”, where we get the opinions of people in the know about various topics, from sneakers to streetwear to music.

This time, we’re discussing clothes. Favorite clothes to be specific. This edition’s question was “What’s your favorite piece of clothing and why?” Answers were varied, both in length and selected items, making for a great variety of opinions. Just like last time, you can hit the links to check out anyone’s Twitter or Instagram, and any relevant affiliations they have will be listed as well.

Ross Dwyer (KicksOneTwo & Karmaloop) (Twitter)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Baseball Jerseys

I’m really into a sportswear-inspired look right now, and nothing’s better for that then a baseball jersey. They’re just so versatile. You can rock them with pants or shorts, and throw a long sleeve tee or a sweatshirt underneath if that suits you. You can get a classic throwback from Mitchell and Ness or grab a crazy printed one from a brand like 10 Deep or Create Karma. There’s literally a style of baseball jersey that works for everyone. Such a staple piece.

Sophia Eris (GRRRL PRTY) (Twitter) (Soundcloud)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Overalls

I’ve loved wearing overalls ever since I was little. I’ve got a bunch of different pairs, and they work with almost any outfit. I recently found a super-clean vintage pair of Tommy Hilfigers that I used to rock back in 6th grade. It was like Christmas!

Why Khaliq (FREELiving) (Twitter) (Soundcloud)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Elongated Tees

I’m big into distressed, elongated tees. I like a droopy fit with a raw, scooped hem at the bottom. Simple colors like black, grey and white are my go-to’s right now.

Taylor Lindgren (Studiiyo23) (Twitter) (Etsy)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Mandarin Shirts

I’ve really enjoyed mandarin shirts recently. They work with almost any outfit, can be dressed up or down, and not too many people around here are rocking them yet.

Sean Crawford (Studiiyo23)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Pullover Hoodies

A pullover hoodie is an ideal layering item. I wear it at home, work, parties, bonfires, snowboarding, really anything at all. It’s such a versatile piece that I even used one to keep my puke from flying all over my friend’s car once, which is why I now have two (I kept the pukey one in my car for any future accidents). The American Apparel California Fleece would have to be my favorite model.

Mark David (tReason) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Joggers

I love joggers. They’re the most comfortable kind of pants I own, and you can wear them casually or dress them up. Plus, they work with almost any shoe. If I had to pick a favorite pair it would be the Legacy Joggers from Publish. Best-fitting jogger on the market.

Jahmade John (Twitter) (Instagram)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Shorts

Some people struggle with wearing shorts, but I love them. I think the silhouette of a slim-cut pair of shorts looks really great, and they fit my body type really well too. I’ll shamelessly rock Kith Bleecker shorts all summer.

Matt Hoffman (Studiiyo23) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Coach’s Jackets

Nothing better than a coach’s jacket for any season. Warm enough for the fall, and light enough for the spring and summer. In Minnesota it’s hard to find a versatile item of clothing you can wear for more than one season, and the coach’s jacket really hits the spot for me.

Yoseph Tesfay (Studiiy023) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Beanies

This was tough for me because I love a sportswear-inspired look and there’s lots of pieces that go into making that look work, but if I had to pick one I’d have to go with beanies. Not only are they a nice touch on something easy like a Tech Fleece fit, you can rock ’em with button-ups too if you need to dress up a bit. Give me a nice simple Polo beanie and I’m set.

Jessica Yeang (Finish Line) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Long-Sleeve Chambray Shirts

I love long-sleeve chambray shirts. You can wear them with literally everything. You can dress them up, wear them casually, or even sleep in them.

Chris Bailey (Finally Made) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Bomber Jackets

Bombers are such a versatile piece. You can rock them with any fit, and they’ll still look crispy.

Bobby Cienik (Twitter) (Instagram)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Long Sleeve Button-Ups

I’d have to go with long sleeve button-ups as my favorite piece of clothing. I’m pissed because it’s getting too warm to wear them now, but from fall to spring they’re my go-to’s. They’re a great way to stay warm and dress up an outfit a little bit if need be. I have a few from Staple that I absolutely love.

Kevin Davis (Finish Line) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Short Sleeve Button-Ups

Short sleeve button-ups are my go-to. They fit my overall style well, and I feel like I rock them differently than other people.

Devon Courtney (Champs Sports)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Bomber Jackets

You’ve absolutely got to have a bomber jacket in your wardrobe. Whether  it’s a grail piece like the very rare Versace x H&M collab or just a plain Topman joint, they all work.

Bill Cheney (Twitter) (Instagram)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Fleece Joggers

I’m all about versatility, and there’s few items more versatile in my wardrobe than a quality pair of fleece joggers, Nike Tech Fleece being my favorite. You can dress them up or down!

Youree White (Finish Line)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Crewneck Sweatshirts

I love crewnecks. They just work so well with whatever you’re wearing. Old-school crewnecks from the early-mid 90’s have gotta be my favorite.

Uncle Three (Finish Line)

Favorite Clothing Piece: Socks

I take time with my outfits, and the right pair of socks is the perfect finishing touch. I’ll throw on some dope Stance socks with whatever I’m wearing and I’ll be good to go.

A big thanks to everyone who shared their opinion for this piece! More Community Opinions coming soon right here on KicksOneTwo


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