Tips And Tricks For Getting Sneakers Online

Online releases. They’re a major part of today’s sneaker game. Every shoe you want isn’t going to be available locally, so you’re forced to go to the internet (sometimes early in the morning on a weekend..which is awful) to get the shoes you want.

This means that you’ll be competing with people across the country and the world who want the same kicks that you do, so you need to be quick to get what you want. Thankfully there’s a few easy hacks I’ve learned to make this process simpler that I’d be glad to pass along to you. Here’s a few tips and tricks for getting sneakers online.

Get Autofill Set Up

Most web browsers nowadays have some sort of autofill feature that will fill pertinent information into the correct boxes for you. This is invaluable, as it can save you a lot of time punching in your full name, home address, or email address.

Have Your Credit Card Number Ready To Copy/Paste

Not all sites will save your credit card information, so another useful hack you can use to save a little time is copying/pasting your credit card number into the requisite box. Type the number in a word document, and copy it when you’re checking out. This can save valuable seconds. Have your security code memorized too.

Start Refreshing Early

Just because your computer thinks it’s 7:58 doesn’t mean that the website you’re trying to buy from thinks the same. 3-4 minutes before the drop time, start refreshing frequently, as you might catch the drop right on time…or even a little bit early if you’re lucky. Speedy fingers have ensured many a sneaker cop

So there you have it! Three simple tips to make copping kicks online easier. If you haven’t tried these, give them a shot on the next release. You’ll likely be very happy with the results.


Editor’s note: Tips and tricks on using bots were not included, as KicksOneTwo does not support or condone the use of bots.


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