Who’s Paying Resale Prices??

Earlier this week, I was perusing the digital shelves of Flight Club, as I so often do in my spare time. I was enjoying checking out everything from recent Flyknit releases to classic mid-00’s SB heat, when I thought I’d take a look at what the Yeezy 350 Boosts (which I acquired last weekend) were hitting for.

When I clicked over to their page, and saw that a size 9 (the size I’m in posession of and have already worn…yeah I copped to rock) was going for a cool $1,250 I wasn’t exactly surprised, but a few questions did come to my mind, the main one being this: Who the fuck is paying that much for a pair of shoes??

I spare no expense when it comes to shoes and clothes, and anyone who knows me knows that to be a fact. However, I wouldn’t dream of paying that much for a damn pair of sneakers. That’s two months rent for a lot of people. That’s a dope vacation. That’s a super high-quality bicycle. That’s a lot of other things.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve paid resale before. Sometimes when there’s something you really want and couldn’t get, you’ve just gotta bite the bullet and cough up the extra cash to have that fire on your feet. However, paying a high three-figure or low four-figure sum is something that I couldn’t imagine doing, even if I had the money to spare.

So who the hell is paying these prices? I’m aware that just because something is listed at a certain price doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s moving at said price, but for Flight Club to still be operating, there have to be at least some people paying those prices.

My guess is it’s rich kids with too much time and daddy’s credit card on their hands…or it might be people who use sneaker money for sneakers. If you’re wondering , that means that they only spend money they make from selling shoes on other shoes.

Whoever it is, color me astounded. And if you’ve got $1200 you want to throw me for my Yeezys…hit me up.


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