Throw Back Thursday: OG KicksOneTwo Articles

It’s that time of the week again.

Yes, it’s Throw Back Thursday, and yes, we’re going to be re-visting some classic KicksOneTwo content. With all the great changes that have been going on around here, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the first few pieces we published, with links included if you want to look at some OG articles.

Wear What You Like: Elitism in the Sneaker Culture

The first “point of view” piece I ever wrote here, I still stand by what I said (even though I’d remove the “in the” from the title if I had a chance to do it again). If team Jordans make you feel good, go ahead and rock them. I’m not going to rain on your parade….although I might chuckle to myself just a little bit.

Rare Doesn’t Mean Fresh

Still agree with this article as well. Just because something’s limited doesn’t make it worthwhile. Seems like there are more ugly “rare” sneakers than ever nowadays. Oh well. What can you do? *kanye shrug*.

The True Meaning Of “Valuable Sneakers” 

One of my favorite pieces I’ve ever wrote for KicksOneTwo. My taste in kicks and thoughts on the sneaker game as a whole have definitely changed since I started the site back in early 2014, but I still very much feel that there’s way more to a shoe than the dollar value that’s placed upon it. Kicks can still remind you of a great time or place, which makes them more valuable to you than any dollar amount.

So there you are. The first three point of view pieces I ever wrote for KicksOneTwo. I’ll have new articles coming your way very soon…and when we revisit the old articles next time, it’ll be interesting to see where everything’s progressed to!


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