Less Is More: The Case For Slimming Down Your Sneaker Collection

There comes a time in every sneakerhead’s life when they look at the stack of boxes piled up in their closet, bedroom, garage, or storage unit, and they think to themselves “damn, do I have a lot of kicks.”

That’s you. Years of collecting have left you with more shoes than you know what to do with. Maybe you’ve even cracked triple digits. Then, you get to thinking about it and you realize you have a lot of kicks that you don’t wear, and you’re not all that attached to. There are pairs in your collection that mean a lot to you and you’d never get rid of in a thousand years, but what do you do with the excess?

Here’s a radical idea: sell or trade them. There’s no point hanging on to shoes that you won’t wear and aren’t valuable enough to you just to keep as a collector’s item.

It’s really quality over quantity. Would you rather have five pairs of shoes that you really love and are in heavy rotation, or twenty pairs of shoes that you don’t really care about all that much? Yeah, I thought so. We’ve all made some purchases in our sneakerhead “careers” (if you will) that we weren’t quite as stoked about when time went on.

That’s fine. Take those pairs that you don’t care about as much, and use them to put other pairs into your collection. Sell them, and use the money to buy a shoe that you’ve always wanted. Trade them to someone who will appreciate them and get more use out of them than you will.

You’ll get more enjoyment out of the shoes that you do have in your collection, and you won’t be taking up your space with a bunch of kicks that you won’t wear and don’t need. Sometimes downsizing is good!

Whatever you do, just remember that kicks are meant to be worn. If you’re not rocking them or holding on to them for sentimental value, move em’ and get something you’ll get more use out of. You’ll be glad that you did.


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