Wear Your Kicks

It’s a nice, relaxing Sunday. You’re probably sipping a coffee getting your day started while reading this, or maybe you’re nursing a 32oz Gatorade trying your best to shake off the dreadful hangover that you woke up with after last night’s hijinks.

No matter what you’re doing at the present moment, I’m here with a PSA for you, and it’s a simple one: Wear your kicks, and cop to rock. For the readers that might not be as well-versed in sneaker lingo, what I’m telling you to do in plain English is “wear your shoes” and “buy your shoes with the intention of wearing them.”

Sometimes we as sneakerheads get too wrapped up in hype and potential resell value even though we didn’t cop a sneaker with the intent of flipping it for a quick come-up. When you get in that state of mind, it’s hard to break your new kicks out of the box. “Damn, I could wear them” you say to yourself “but they’re going for a grand on Flight Club“.

Well, if you’re not planning to resell, it doesn’t matter what the resell market is hitting for, does it? If you like the shoes, you’re way better off putting them on your feet. Let me give your a personal example.

My favorite shoe ever is the Bred I. I’ve written many an article about Bred I’s, and posted many a picture of my pair. I’m aware that I’m not going to get another pair, as I don’t believe in spending a month’s worth of rent for a pair of kicks, so when I first got them, it was hard to convince myself that I should rock them.

“Damn” I’d say to myself as I looked at them. “If I fuck these up, I won’t have another pair”.

As time went on though, I came to my senses. When a shoe’s that clean, it’s a shame to leave in the box. They deserve to be rocked, and I’m making an effort to rock them more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about keeping a pair tucked away for a special occasion, but don’t be afraid to wear your shit when the time comes! If you have all these dope shoes stashed in your house and nobody knows about them, what’s the point? Sure, you get your jollies knowing you’ve got enough heat on deck to cause a five-alarm fire, but isn’t  it more fun to break your kicks out and break necks in public?

Wear your stuff, and cop to rock. It’ll make the game that much more fun for you. I promise.


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