Striking Out On Releases (And How To Deal With It)

I’m mad.

Well, now that the whole situation has somewhat blown over, I’m not really mad at all. However, for the sake of this article, put yourself in the mind state of myself after striking out on a release.

I’m mad.

As the majority of you know, Supreme dropped it’s 2015 fall/winter collection yesterday. There was something for everyone as items ranged anywhere from baseball jerseys to jackets and lunch boxes to crowbars. I’ve never been a huge Supreme-head, but I was planning on picking up a couple items, (or trying to at least), from this release. The drop was scheduled for 10:00 am CST, so I knew I’d be able to try to grab what I wanted.

Well, something came up and I ended up completely forgetting about the release. I checked my Twitter feed around 10:05, saw some tweets about the release and then knew I was too late. I missed it. I said a few choice words, and was frustrated with myself for the next few minutes.

Granted, if I did try to get what I wanted, I could’ve struck out completely. The majority of us sneakerheads know that striking out on a release is one of the worst feelings you can have. (Sadderdays are quite common for me). Although the feeling of striking out on a release is pretty bad, not even having the chance to try and get what you want is far worse.

The way I see it, if I strike out on a release, I can live with it. I gave it my best shot, so better luck next time, Bob. I won’t buy the shoe for resale, so it’s on to the next one. However, if I completely miss out on a release, I’m left wondering. “If I had actually tried, I could’ve copped ’em!” Like I said, the chance that I would’ve copped them could’ve been very slim, but I did have a chance. Was it one out of a hundred? No, probably more like one in a million. Even with those odds, “… you’re telling me there’s a chance!” – Lloyd Christmas

I didn’t get what I wanted this time. Supreme 1, Bobby 0. Like I said in the intro, I can live with it now. I’ll leave you all with some future advice that you should look back on the next time you strike out on a release. It tends to help me out from time to time.

  • You didn’t really NEED that item.
  • Striking out on a release leaves more money in your pocket!
  • There are plenty more fish in the sea. On to the next one.

If those three bullet points don’t help your anger, and that money is burning a hole in your pocket, hit me up. I have some shoes for sale that I’d like to get rid of.

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