Getting Kevin Durant’s Autograph

We’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic here at KicksOneTwo as we gave you a Throw Back Thursday post this week, and now I’m going to reach into my personal vault of sneaker stories and tell you one of my favorites . I was just recently looking through my collection and I happened to come across my Kevin Durant signed “Easter” KD V’s. The story of how I ended up getting them signed is a great one that I think you’ll all enjoy!

For this story, we’ll have to bring it way back to March 29, 2013. My man Titus had invited me to the Timberwolves vs. Thunder game to celebrate his birthday, so of course I was excited to see KD play in person for the first time. Since we were going to the game, we had decided beforehand to try to get his autograph.

I actually didn’t own any KD’s at that time, and I wanted to get something for KD to sign if the opportunity arose. We went to the Mall of America that morning and I ended up copping the Easter KD V’s. Now that I think about it, I might have even grabbed the Easter Kobe 8’s as well. I know I had a pair but I might have just got those online from NDC. Regardless, I had the KD’s.

We spent the rest of the day at MOA and my dad picked us up later in the evening. After an interesting ride to downtown Minneapolis, (which included us taking an accidental shortcut down a set of train tracks), we arrived at Hubert’s to get dinner.

After we finished eating, Titus and I went down to the entryway for the Thunder bus. Along with a small crowd of people, we tried to get KD’s autograph after he exited the bus. No go. He walked by everyone without saying a word. We went back to the restaurant empty-handed.

When we got back to the restaurant, I noticed the glass pull-out doors that connected Hubert’s to the Target Center. I went over to check it out and not thinking about I was doing, opened one of the doors. For some reason I didn’t notice the big “DO NOT OPEN” decal on the door. The alarm sounded, everyone looked at me like I was stupid, and the manager wasn’t too happy with me. Not one of my brightest moments.

We went back to our table and started watching college hockey. A short while after, we heard a commotion coming from the bar, followed by a man yelling, “Someone help!! Call 911!!” He was standing over a mid-30’s lady who was laying limp on the ground. This lady was out COLD.

A few people went over to help her, and shortly after paramedics from the Target Center entered through the same door in which I had sparked the alarm earlier. They propped the door open for easy access and attended to the passed-out woman.

She ended up just waking up and walking out of the restaurant like nothing ever happened. To this day the whole situation still confuses me.

Anyways, while everyone was focused on the lady who had just walked out, Titus and I noticed the open door to the Target Center. We said our goodbyes to my dad, and walked right in. No ticket scan or anything.

As we walked in through the home team’s tunnel, we spotted Kevin Durant at the mouth of the visitor’s tunnel signing autographs on the other side of the court. We sprinted around the court in front of the first row of seats, and walked right up to an open spot right where KD himself was signing autographs.

Titus got one of his N7 IV’s signed and since KD somewhat messed up on one of my KD V’s, he ended up signing both shoes.

It was definitely a crazy set of events that led to us both getting the autograph we wanted. If we had entered the regular way, we would’ve missed out on KD completely. I still can’t believe how big of a coincidence it was that the lady passed out, leading to the doors being propped open at the same time that KD was signing autographs. These Easter KD V’s are a pair I’ll treasure forever.

Shoutout to the lady that passed out at the bar. I owe you one.

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