A KicksOneTwo Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was Bobby’s birthday. The big 18. He can now legally smoke (I’m guessing he’ll develop a fondness for grape Swishers or watermelon Phillies), buy lottery tickets (if someone hits the Powerball, grab me a pair of 750 Boosts and Royal I’s please) and go to the casino (remember the first time you walked into a casino? Was it not the dopest thing you’d ever seen at the time?)

I offered him the chance to write a self-serving birthday post, but as we’re both the type of people who don’t like amping our birthdays, he didn’t want to..so I’m doing it.

A KicksOneTwo inside story: A few months back I was struggling to come up with content I’d never had writers block before in my life, but I caught it fierce, and boy did it suck. I love this site more than anything, and truly believe it’s something special, but creating new content every day, be it an opinion article, a news piece, or a new photo can wear on you sometimes with everything else that you have going on, and I was having some trouble kicking the writer’s block.

Bobby hit me up with a bunch of new ideas for the site, and although I was initially a bit loath to bring someone new into the mix (I sometimes get stuck in a get off my lawn type of mindset), it didn’t take long to see that he was super genuine and motivated, and a nice guy to boot (assholes aren’t allowed here at KicksOneTwo. Chill people only).

Ever since then, we’ve been killing it. We’re on Instagram¬†dropping fire new sneaker photos on that ass every day. We’ve got a Facebook page so you can keep up with us if Facebook is your preferred social network. Our Twitter is still going strong. And we’ve got some of the best content we’ve ever made dropping on a day to day basis.

So if you enjoy reading our articles and looking at our photos, give Bobby some dap next time you see him. He’s a very important part of what we’re doing at KicksOneTwo, and I’m thankful to have him on board every day.


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