Be Yourself

This isn’t an article about sneakers.

It’s about individual style, more specifically how important it is to be unique in your personal style. I was kicking around the web searching for inspiration (like usual) when I came across this meme.


Pretty amusing, right? To be completely honest, when I first saw this meme, it gave me a good chuckle. I threw it up on Twitter, shot it over to a couple friends that I thought would find it amusing, and went on with my day.

However, later in the week when I was talking with a few knowledgable (and fresh) friends about clothing, a theme in our discussion seemed to be how one’s personal style gets better the more unique it is.

I can say that this is true from experience. As someone who would like to think he’s well dressed (actually forget trying to be humble, I’m fresh as hell and I know it), there are a few things that really help elevate your personal style: finding someone who’s style you admire and taking cues from them; experimenting with new pieces, fits, and silhouettes; and last (but absolutely not least), not giving a shit what people think about you.

It’s always sad to see people who know what’s up afraid to step outside of their comfort zone because they don’t want to be judged. I can guarantee you there’s at least one kid in that meme who knows that he can do better than some dirty-ass Sperrys and a fratty polo shirt, but he’s afraid to step outside of his comfort zone.

There’s an important lesson that I want people to take away from this (especially my younger readers): It doesn’t matter what people think. Be yourself. Express yourself with your clothing. Dress however the hell you want. Creative people who don’t follow the norm will always get hated on by herbs, but who cares what they think? They don’t know what’s really good. You’re so far ahead of their level that you don’t even need to acknowledge them. If someone wants to be basic, let them be basic but don’t let that hold you back from expressing yourself through your fashion.

Be confident. Tune out the naysayers. Your style will elevate to new heights faster than you could possibly imagine.


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