The Thrill of the Hunt

As many of you know, it’s the year of the Voss Boy. We’ve been out here staying hydrated by sipping on ice-cold Voss for a while now, and everyday more people are catching on. (Shoutout to everyone who sends me pictures of them drinking Voss. Keep ’em coming!!).

One of the reasons why Voss is so good, besides the fact that it’s unbelievably clean and fresh, is due to it’s rarity. (Voss Boys are very, very rare). You can’t expect to walk in to any old store and find Voss fully stocked. When I first started drinking Voss, it took me a little while to find a store close to me that carried Voss. Cub Foods, Super America, Walmart, and other local stores all did not have any Voss in stock. I was pumped once I finally found a store that carried it.

My usual Voss pickups are the 500 mL plastic bottles. I’m always looking for the even more rare glass bottles, but I have not been succesful in finding any near me. However, thanks to a couple friends that gave me a heads-up (shoutout to the plugs), I was finally able to cop glass-bottled Voss at TJ Maxx for an absolute steal. Even though the still 800 mL glass bottle continues to eludes me, I was able to knock a couple items off of my must-cop list.

At this point you’re probably wondering why I’m going on about Voss water since you could care less about it. (Your loss). Here’s why.

After I picked up a few bottles of Voss yesterday, I was reminded of the thrill of the hunt. This hunt could be for a certain pair of sneakers, a clothing item, an old record, a baseball card, or whatever else you may be looking for to add to a collection. Nothing beats the feeling of buying something that has been on your radar for a while. Sure, it’s cool to buy a new pair on its release date, but I’d rather cop an older pair that is much harder to track down.

Besides, usually when you’re able to buy a pair that you’ve wanted for a while, there’s a dope story that comes along with the shoe on how you were able to cop it. You just can’t buy stuff like that.

If you have any shoes you’re currently on the hunt for, or have any stories of items you’ve had to track down, I’d love to hear them! Don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments or hit us up on Twitter!

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