Shameless Instagram Plug II

Hey there.

Yeah, I’m plugging again (cue Drake and Future’s “I’m The Plug). If you already follow the KicksOneTwo Instagram, thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated, and you can move on to another article. Feel free to read about the head-to head battle between Kanye and Drake’s recent sneaker releases, or the top 5 episodes of Sneaker Shopping. They’re just a little ways down the page.

If you don’t follow the KicksOneTwo Instagram, have a seat. I’m going to let you know exactly why you should (in great detail nonetheless).

Comfy? Got your coffee? Got your pastry? Good. You should follow the KicksOneTwo Instagram, because we’re bringing you fire sneaker pictures each and every day. Who doesn’t want to open the ‘gram up and see some dope kicks? It’s certainly better than people posing like foodies with their snaps of dinner, or egotistical selfies from your old high-school classmate who still thinks they’re super dope even though life passed them by a few years back.

And the content isn’t the only really dope part. If you lace your picture with our hashtag (#kicksonetwo if you couldn’t guess), we just might feature your picture on our page. That might just gain you some more followers. Who doesn’t want more followers? That’s what we thought.

And I’ll let you in on a secret: There might just be giveaways in the future, and not the kind of giveaways that you have to jump through hoops for just to get a crappy prize. We’re talking good giveaways. We’re sneaker guys ourselves, and we know what sneaker guys like.

So what exactly are you waiting for? The holiday XI release? Another pair of Yeezys? Divine intervention? Head over to the ‘gram and give us a follow. Trust me, you’ll be really glad that you did.


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