New Release Sneaker Conflictions

If you aren’t brand new to the sneaker world, you’ve probably caught on to the new release overdose. You know, the multitude of new releases each and every weekend. Some of these new shoes are trash, some are dope, some are limited, and so on and so forth.

As a college student, it’s pretty important for me to keep my finances in check. (Actually, keeping finances in check is pretty important for everyone. There’s more to life than sneakers.) As much as I’d love to be able to cop every single release I want, I just don’t have the money to be able to do that. (Go ahead, call me a broke boy.)

I need to pick and choose which shoes I’m going to cop. I’m a pretty indecisive person as is. I always want to make sure I’m making the right decision and this leads to me taking a lot of time in thought to make that right decision.┬áIf there is a sneaker that is releasing this next weekend, I have to really calculate out how much I want that sneaker. Many variables go into the calculation including:

  • Finances
    • (I’ll be rich one day.)
  • Rarity and future resale value
    • (Bobby, you hypebeast.)
  • Attractiveness
    • I’ve gotta like the shoe, right?
  • Versatility
    • Is this going to be a shoe I can only wear with one outfit or will it be pretty versatile?
  • Previous Releases
    • Although there is a certain swagger you earn from copping the latest release, there are thousands of other models and colorways of shoes out there. Instead of copping this new release, why wouldn’t I just cop a pair that was previously released? There are no shortage of shoes to cop, that’s for sure.

The last release I’ve had the “I-need-to-cop-and-wear-no-matter-what” reaction to was Beethoven Kobe 9’s. I had the money, loved the silhouette and colorway, and knew I needed that shoe. (I’ve worn those so many times). Since then, however, I’ve never had the stars align like that for a new release.

So until I get rich, I’ll continue to be extremely picky with these new releases. If worst comes to worst, with the exception of the extremely limited pairs that fetch thousands, I can always buy them at a later date.

*The shoe that inspired this article is the UNC 1’s releasing this Saturday. What are your thoughts on the shoe? Must cop? Easy pass? Shoot us a comment or hit us up on Twitter to let us know!*

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