WAX’s First Lineup Has Been Unveiled

Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably been wondering exactly what the deal with WAX is. The tweets, videos, and posts on it were somewhat cryptic..and that was by design. However, the wait to find out what exactly’s going on is over.

Last night, we dropped the announcement video you see above. The show will be the first in our monthly series of shows at the Kitty Cat Klub (did you catch that in the last video?), and Su Na will be headlining (yes, that was one of his tracks in the background of the skate video as well. Even more hidden symbolism). We’re also bringing our Left Life family out (that’s johndaniel, Widikus, Mikael X, and Akru The Zulu to be specific), and our resident DJs Connye and BVCKWOODS will be spinning as well.

It’ll be an evening full of good vibes, good people and good music, and I know all you KicksOneTwo readers will greatly enjoy it. November 19th is coming faster than you think….get ready! Wave en route.


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