What If? – No New Releases

By now, we’re all used to being bombarded with releases each and every week. All of the major sneaker manufacturers hit us with something new — in many cases, they hit us with multiple new sneakers — weekend after weekend. With this continutal release cycle, my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds are always blown up with this “shoe of the day.” Release information, pictures, purchase links, post-release “This is BS!” tweets, and more all flood my timelines for the day. It’s getting to be too much to handle.

Think about this: what if there were no more new releases?

“What? No more new releases? No way! Nonsense! Blasphemy!” 

Immediately, your thoughts are most likely negative. However – there has to be some upside! For this, we break it down into a pros and cons list:


  • No more resale of new releases
    • This could be a good thing or bad thing. I’m going to say mostly good.
  • No more “sadderdays”
    • (See paragraph 1 on clogged TL).
  • Larger focus on the cop-list
    • With all of these releases, people sometimes buy the new release instead of an older pair they might want more. This is because if you miss out on the new limited release, you’ll be forced to pay resale. Not good.


  • Nothing new, exciting, and/or innovating
    • We’ll be limited to what we already have on the market.
  • RIP to every release-heavy sneaker blog
    • (We’ll be just fine here at KicksOneTwo).
  • RIP to dope websites like JsForDays
    • (S/O to JsForDays. Go check ’em out!)

Overall, I think it would be a good think for the community as a whole if all sneaker manufactures closed shop for a month or two. Granted, this will never happen anytime in the foreseeable future. Until then, however, we will dream about getting the sneaker game back to the way it used to be. No lines. No riots. No money to be made. Just a collective group of people that love shoes for the sake of loving shoes.

P.S. – You aren’t special if you have the money to buy every single one of these new releases and then flex on IG because of it. These guys are the scum of the game. Take a hike.

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