What DJ Khaled Brings To The Sneaker Game


When it comes to sneakers and the sneaker game, there have always been big personalities involved. Some have an encyclopedic knowledge of sneakers and can give you the background on a random pair of New Balance from the mid 90’s. Some can flex tens of thousands of dollars worth of rare kicks in a single photo. Some are just flat-out hilarious.

DJ Khaled would fall into the “flat-out hilarious” category. The boisterous, bumbling, affable, talkative Miami-based DJ and producer considers himself a sneaker collector extraordinaire, and will take any opportunity to boast about his massive collection.

Because Khaled is so loud and animated, and because (let’s be totally honest) he doesn’t have a very high level of knowledge about sneakers, he tends to rub a lot of sneakerheads the wrong way, especially the old heads. They think he’s bad for the game, has no history, and makes sneakerheads look foolish.

I’ll admit it, I used to be of this train of thought. I was of the opinion that Khaled was no more than a bumbling idiot who had nothing better to do than blow his millions on kicks that he hardly knew anything about. I thought he made sneakerheads look bad. I thought he was somewhat of a culture vulture.

Although Khaled does still occasionally grind my gears, my opinion of him as a whole has changed drastically. I think he’s what the game needs.

I can understand that some people might be frustrated with him, but he’s a breath of fresh air because he doesn’t take himself that seriously. The man enjoys spending money on shoes, and bragging about them, and I for one find his bluster absolutely hilarious. Who else do you know that invites someone into their sneaker closet and then goes on a tangent about someone who stole his shoes? Who else do you know that comes up with ridiculous sneaker nicknames and brags about keeping “war ready” bags of kicks in case someone wants to flex on him?

Just sit back and enjoy the antics. With how serious the sneaker game is nowadays, we need to remind ourselves every so often that it’s supposed to be fun. Khaled seems to have a lot of fun with sneakers, and even though you might not be the biggest fan of the guy, you’ve got to respect that.


What do you think about DJ Khaled? Do you find him entertaining, or does he irritate you? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!


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