How To Flex Properly


Sometimes you just can’t resist the urge to flex. To stunt. To show out. To show up at the function looking like a million bucks. To make the herbs salty and jealous.

When you possess a certain level of knowledge about sneakers and clothing, it’s unavoidable. Sometimes you get that urge to throw on your best stuff, step out of the house, and hurt feelings. However, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about it, and we’re going to give you a couple do’s and dont’s so you can ensure that your flexing game is always on point. Get your heater kicks and fire garments ready to go.



-Carry Yourself With Confidence

The first part of a good sold flex is making sure your confidence is high. No matter how rare your sample kicks are or how much you dropped on that Bape shark hoodie, nobody is going to care if you don’t carry yourself with an air of confidence. It’s true that the clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the clothes (word to Theophilus London..very rare), and if you carry yourself with a quiet confidence, your fire gear will work in your favor that much more.

-Go All-Out

Wearing your best kicks? Throw on your best fit as well. If you want to flex, it’s important that you don’t half-ass it. You’ve got to fully commit, and if you’re going to fully commit, you might as well go as hard as you possibly can, right? That’s how you break those extra necks when you’re walking down the street.



-Be Loud And Obnoxious 

Remember how we said to carry yourself with a quiet confidence in the “do” section above? You absolutely do not want to do the opposite and be loud and obnoxious. There’s a difference between flexing and flat-out being a prick, and being loud and obnoxious while attempting to flex lands you squarely in the “prick” category. If your flexing game is good enough, you won’t have to speak. Your flexing will speak volumes for you.

-Be Out Of Season

That’s a sick Supreme box logo hoodie. Still doesn’t mean you look dope wearing it in the summer when the temperature is approaching triple digits. You’ve got to have the requisite amount of knowledge to go along with your kicks and gear if you want to flex, and wearing things that are way out of season doesn’t make any sense and is not a good look.


There you have it. A quick guide on how to flex properly. All you chronic flexers out there..what do you think? Are there guidelines you flex by? If you don’t like to flex, why not? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!


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