Aimless Sneaker Trading


Trading kicks is one of the best things about the sneaker game. Didn’t get something you wanted on release day? You can trade for it. Find an old shoe from years back that you just fell in love with? Offer up. Tired of something in your collection? Swap it out for something else. Trading kicks is a great way to enhance and bring variety to your collection.

However, like any good thing, there can be too much. It’s possible to become involved in excessive sneaker trading.

“How’s that?” you might be asking. “What is excessive sneaker trading?”

Sneaker trading can become excessive when someone is aimlessly trading kicks with no rhyme or reason..or end goal in sight. You know the type. The sneakerhead that’s hyped he copped a hard-to-get release and says that they’re “his favorite shoes” and that “he’ll never trade them” but then two weeks later is out throwing out feelers to see what he can get.

There’s nothing wrong with testing the waters when you’ve got a valuable sneaker, but these are shoes, not baseball cards. Aimlessly trading them back and forth (and never wearing them) serves no purpose.

If you’re just trading kicks and never wearing any of them…you might as well collect valuable bottles of wine and never drink any of them. There’s literally no point. It’s an endless cycle of sneakers going in and coming out of your collection without being rocked. There’s no purpose, no point, no end goal. It’s incessantly dry-humping the market for no reason.

There’s a few lessons to be learned: buy what you like in the first place so you don’t always have to trade…and if you do trade, have a purpose and an end goal in mind. Don’t get caught up cycling through every sneaker known to man. It’s a waste of time. Set your mind on what you want to trade for and go get it. That’s what makes sneaker trading awesome: that you can go get what you want.


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