Mayor Speaks The Truth In The Newest “Sneak Peek”

Nice Kicks‘s beloved YouTube series “Sneak Peek“, which showcases the sneaker collections of various musicians, athletes, and celebrities just released their 50th episode this week, and it’s one sneakerheads around the world have been waiting for: Mayor‘s giant collection.

This is just part one of a multi-part series showcasing Mayor’s several thousand pairs of shoes, and although some of the heat he pulls out (ever seen better LeBron 7’s?) is off the charts, the best thing about the episode is when Mayor shares his thoughts on sneakers, and collecting sneakers.

This is a man who’s been collecting kicks longer than some sneakerheads have been alive, and with that much time in the sneaker game comes a lot of wisdom. Mayor stresses that it’s important to love general release sneakers just as much as their limited counterparts, and goes on to make bold statements , like that someone’s not a real sneakerhead if they just collect rare PE’s or don’t have any love for GR’s.

This is refreshing to hear, especially coming from someone who can literally get any sneaker he wants, and has even been allowed in Nike’s top-secret Innovation Kitchen. He buys (or at this point gets, let’s be real) what he likes, no matter if there are ten or ten million pairs available, and that’s a viewpoint that a lot of sneakerheads could benefit from taking.

Although exclusivity does help make a sneaker dope, you don’t want to shun something fresh just because it’s a GR or you don’t have to struggle to get it. Buying and rocking what you like, not what others tell you to like is extremely important, and makes the sneakerhead experience that much more enjoyable.

So take Mayor’s advice, and show love to all kicks, not just the rare ones. You’ll be happy you did. And get ready for the next part of his Sneak Peek. We’re betting it’s going to be even more outta control than the first one.


What’s a GR sneaker that you love? Do you have any kicks that are widely available in your rotation? And what was your favorite pair Mayor showed off in the first part of his collection? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker photos that you can handle.



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