Sunday Sneaker Ramblings Vol. VII

Lucky #7.

That’s right, we’re back with the 7th edition of Sunday Sneaker Ramblings, the piece where I share my unfiltered thoughts on the biggest news in sneakers the past week. It’s a perfect time for a new edition as it’s been almost a month since the last one, and because I’m about three bottles of Voss deep right now. Let’s get right to it.


First and foremost, the “72-10” Jordan XI’s released yesterday. Although there were several better shoes that released this last week in my opinion, no shoe (except for maybe a Yeezy) can match the hype that surrounds a Jordan XI release. Nike moved the date up a week, sneakerheads around the world cashed out, and another holiday XI was in the book.

Although there wasn’t as much fuckery as there has been in the past, you could still find pairs for ridiculous prices online, people amping way too much like it’s 2012, and other general madness. It’s part of the game, and there’s not much that can be done about it. I will say that from an aesthetic standpoint, these are definitely the best XI since the Breds, much better than the middling Gammas and the horrible Legend Blues. Chalk these up as a W overall for Jordan Brand.


On to the biggest banger of the week: the PSNY XII’s. This collaboration between Jordan Brand and Public School went for a high price ($300 retail), but that didn’t stop it from selling out immediately. One of the cleanest XII’s ever (yeah, I said it), these are the best shoe of the week, and quite possibly the best shoe of December so far.

And from a fashion standpoint, I look forwards to seeing old-school sneakerheads who still wear baggy jeans and ill-fitting shirts try to rock these kicks designed by Public School, one of the most innovative brands on the market. It’ll force them to glo up fast, that’s for sure.


And last but definitely not least, the collaboration between Bape and Puma, consisting of both shoes and apparel. The shoes? Fire. All four of them. The apparel? Not so much.

You can never go wrong throwing a Bape design on a classic shoe like the Disc Blaze, but where you can go wrong is by overbranding apparel. Do you really need a shirt or hoodie that has both a Puma and a Bape logo? The answer to that question if you didn’t already know is…no. That’s just doing way too much. Cop the shoes, leave the apparel on the rack.


That’s my thoughts on the three pieces of sneaker news that were most interesting to me this week. What did you think the biggest news of the week was? Agree/disagree with any of my opinions? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter…and be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire sneaker pictures you can handle. Till next time.


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